My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Vagina

How To Fuck Up A Good Thing, by Ryn:

A year ago, my blog was gaining traffic. I was getting more likes and clicks than ever. I had friends in the blogging community. Companies were finally taking me seriously. I had a backlog of things to review! It was exciting!

And then the wave of responsibility crashed down over my head.

I’ve always known, of course, that blogging is more than masturbating with gorgeous toys. It’s work– SEO, photography, wrestling with WordPress formatting, copy/pasting affiliate links, sending emails. I spent most of a year building up those relationships, coaxing people to give me a chance, see that I was serious.

But then everyone saw, all at once, and I was overwhelmed. I had a list of toys to review, people who trusted me, who were counting on me! And I let every single one of them down. I let myself fold from the stress. I let myself run away and hide and pretend my responsibilities didn’t exist. I’ve barely masturbated at all in ten months, because my brain constantly thinks why aren’t you reviewing?

I’ve seen plenty of advice to new bloggers telling them to be patient. Companies won’t take you seriously right away. You’ll have to spend your own money on toys at first.

Well, that’s damn good advice, and here’s mine to add to it. Don’t get too excited. Pace yourself, and learn to say ‘no’. Don’t reach out to a bunch of companies just because you can. One dildo at a time.

Now I’m back, and I’ll do my best to build the trust I’ve lost back up. To my wonderful affiliates and those who took a chance on me, I’m so sorry. Thank you for trusting me. I won’t let you down anymore.