Review: Strange Bedfellas Yuri

Yuri in all its blue glory, sitting on its purple glitter pouch.

Alright, look, we all know the world is on fire, and I’m not going to sit here and vent about shit we all know already. Everything is awful and I want to curl up into a ball and scream forever. But I’m not going to do that. I have a job to do, damn it. I’m a sex toy reviewer, and that means having orgasms even when the entire world is doing its best to make sure I am literally never in the mood. Thankfully, I’ve got amazing toys like this knotted Strange Bedfellas creation to tempt me into masturbating anyway.

The Strange Bedfellas Yuri is a custom-poured (Meesh calls these ‘Friend Requests,’ which is honestly the best) delight. Mine is a medium/medium– size medium in medium firmness. When I was ‘window shopping’ on the site, I saw so many cool toys– SB really does a fantastic job of making all their shapes look enticing and fascinating. I was even considering Batou, even though I know I hate bases with balls! I was also extremely tempted by Ziq, but since Ziq is uh, a demon fist, I took Meesh’s advice and went with a slightly more beginner-friendly toy– Yuri.

Meesh was a delight to work with through this entire process. They were responsive the whole way, from asking me to come back after the holiday rush so they could make sure they didn’t forget me to somehow not hating me when I disappeared off the face of the Earth. Chatting with them always put a smile on my face, and I can never apologize enough for the huge delay of this review.

A photo of a reservoir I was visiting just after sunset.

I sent them some favorite photos I’d taken for color inspiration, and they did NOT disappoint. My Yuri is a beautiful mixture of the hues in a cloudy night sky over a lake. I could stare at it for hours. I’m sure everyone’s aware of my penchant for pretty aesthetics, but I’ll say it every time: I fucking love sex toys that are also artwork. It’s my favorite art form. The mix of colors combines into a subtly shimmery toy that’s different from every angle. I’m in awe.

Showin’ off the texture on the Yuri’s very tip and shaft.

Anyway, on to functionality– after all, it can be as pretty as it wants and still suck. The Yuri is my first knotted toy, and I was very afraid. It’s not small! The medium goes from 1.2″ in diameter (slightly smaller than the NoFrillDos) to 2.4″ at the widest point of the knot. It’s a smooth growth, which is why I chose it over other knotted toys– I was hoping that it would be easier to take. It was still not easy. Inserting the Yuri feels like nothing, at first. The soft silicone goes in easily with a bit of water-based lube. But then, as you go, it stretches and stretches and stretches. It really pushes your limits, forcing you to add way more lube than you think you need and fuck yourself slowly, pushing your limits until you can finally get the knot in. It’s an intense experience– I’ve never gotten it in without it aching in the best way.

Yuri, a pair of vibe sleeves, plus the minis Meesh sent me! (My favorite is the tentacle heart.)

It’s NOT a beginner’s toy in the least, but I would recommend it as a first knotted toy. The way it grows gradually means you can stretch as much as you want, instead of it being a straight shaft that SUDDENLY EXPANDS. Seriously, how do people actually insert those? They’re a little terrifying. Yuri isn’t much of a G-spotter, but that’s okay– it’s meant to stretch your limits, and it’s fantastic at that. It has some gentle texture, and a wide base that would be intrusive in a firmer silicone, but in squishy 0050 shore, it’s just a soft, pliable handle.

I can’t thank Meesh enough for this chance to work with Strange Bedfellas. From the delight of chatting with them, to the challenge of using Yuri, I don’t regret anything but the glacial pace of this review process. Not even the metric ton of lube I used.

Buy a Yuri, or really anything Strange Bedfellas, at their shop!

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