Review: Strange Bedfellas Sahl and Gelle’s Tongue

Strange Bedfellas has had a knotted maw (Ohdan) for a long time now, but Gelle’s Tongue is a venture into a more beginner-friendly maw, and for that, they deserve praise. With its gentle S-curve and human-ish nose and mouth details, Gelle’s Tongue is a beautiful sculpt that’s approachable and friendly. Also, it HAS A HUMAN NOSE, which is genius. I imagine it would be fabulous for riding on and grinding. I don’t do either of those things, though, so no promises. (The nose freaks some people out, but I can’t see the uncanny valley when the nose is made of pastel rainbow silicone, personally. YMMV.)

Sahl is basically the opposite end of the beginners-advanced curve. Even the small is nearly 2″ in diameter at the base. For comparison, the large Gelle’s Tongue is 2″ maximum. I originally requested a medium from SBF, and it was…bigger than expected. Despite the pointed head, it swells quickly, and no matter how I warmed up, even though it’s the same diameter as my beloved medium Avir, it was not going in there. I eventually found a small secondhand just to be able to review it.

SBF’s glow in the dark does not fuck around.

As always, Meesh (the owner of Strange Bedfellas) was a delight to speak with and packed a bunch of adorable extras into my order. My favorite is a Tenta Buddy in a black-and-white Supersoft marble. Happy to report that their supersoft is not at all tacky like some shops’ finishes can be. Both my review toys are in signature house pours: Gelle’s Tongue is in Dreamy Drips, a gorgeous pastel fade with a white drip (sometimes in pink!) and Sahl is in Neon Nights, a saturated fade with a black drip. Sometimes these are available as made-to-order Friend Requests! (Like NOW! Dreamy Drips will be returning for MTOs this week!) My small Sahl is in a pink/green/blue fade that I think really suits the model– it’s a natural-looking coloration, but not in a weirdly flesh-toned sort of way.

Gelle’s Tongue is a sculpt I would happily recommend to anyone who’s not sure if they’d enjoy heavy texture. The base is the smallest bit awkward to grip, but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The tongue undulating in and out doesn’t particularly target any spots, but on lazy or sensitive days, it’s perfect for me. The pointy tip doesn’t bother me– it’s a flat enough shape that the tip has space to slip behind my cervix and not jab it. (It does require lube, because it’s a rough oval shape wider on the sides and involves some wrestling if not lubed up.) It’s just a soft stretching feeling in and out. I refuse to ride my dildos, so the nose’s usability as a grinder remains questionable. (Exercise during sex is for chumps.) It is, however, adorable and one of the main reasons I wrote a piece of erotica about Gelle. It’s nothing like oral from a real person, but it’s delicious and I enjoy it. It’s luxurious. It puts me in mind of a nice night with a bath bomb and a big tub: not life-changing, not going to fuck me into the next dimension, but slow and relaxing and good for just living in your skin. The Small doesn’t do much for me, but it’s an adorable chocolate-strawberry cake pour and I want to eat it. This is one to look at the measurements for– it runs smaller than average for fantasy toys.

The size difference from S to M is such a leap I had to double-check that I didn’t accidentally get a Large…

Sahl is definitely…not…an everyone sculpt. It’s weird. Something about it feels abrasive, but not in a bad way, at least to me. I am not all that sensitive to texture, and Sahl definitely gets my attention. Gelle’s Tongue is for lazy days. Sahl is for when I want a workout. The scaly texture on top, prominent vein, and head poking out of carefully sculpted retracted foreskin all combine into a hell of an intense toy. I can pound myself into oblivion with this thing. It feels like some sort of masturbatory exorcism with how wrung out I feel afterwards. The swell should be illegal, honestly. I may have had to size down, but even the small is an intense experience. I desperately want a Smedium. It doesn’t ‘lock’ as well as other swells do, but with this kind of thrusting action, I don’t care.

Sahl gets put away every month when the Gift From Mother Nature or what the fuck ever else I’m supposed to call my monthly struggle with my reproductive system arrives- it’s just too much when my uterus is throwing a bitchfit already. But ugh, the way it stretches the entrance with its swell and stimulates the front wall and G-spot with the combination of a curved head and texture is something that inspires terrible love poetry. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that dildos are boring, predictable, or too smooth, you should pick up a Sahl. I promise you will not be bored. Possibly scraped raw and limp with little visions of being wrecked dancing in your head, but not bored. …But I do recommend sizing down from what you think you can handle.

TL;DR love the colors love the toys love Strange Bedfellas. No surprises there. They’re outstanding people who produce amazing work. Go support ’em.

Gelle’s Tongue and Sahl were provided to me by the incomparable Meesh! As always, free dildos do not influence my opinion of them. Find your own Strange Bedfella in inventory or order one of their Made to Order colorways. Subscribe to their newsletter to get SBF news!