Review: Tantus Goddess

The Tantus Goddess after a bath to get rid of all the cat hair it collects.

The Tantus Goddess was my third-ever dildo. After my disappointing experience with the Fun Factory Amor, I bought the Cush O2 on sale, only to discover that my eyes were MUCH bigger than my vagina. Even the squishy dual-density silicone led to pain at attempted insertion (though I have inserted it ONCE, and it felt great). Frustrated with myself, I went back to the Tantus site, determined to find a smaller dildo. I was drawn to the gentle waves and beautiful iridescent purples on the Goddess, and (after checking the diameter and finding it a hopefully-reasonable 1.55 inches) slam-dunked it into my cart.

I love Tantus’s packaging– it always feels borderline excessive to me, but it’s bright and bubbly and makes no secret of the fact that it holds a dildo, once you get it out of the discreet brown shipping box. I had fun wrestling the Goddess and its bullet vibe out– and then my one, incredibly minor gripe made itself known, as I saw it unimpeded by plastic.

Disappointingly Normal Purple

I am a person who loves aesthetics. Especially in dildos. I go heart-eyes-emoji constantly over indie sex toy manufacturers’ off-the-wall shapes and color options. Half my wishlist lives on Etsy, in the realm of glittery, marbled, swirled-together neon glow in the dark dildos. Part of why I grabbed the Goddess was because of the beautiful, pearlescent color shown on the site that…just isn’t there in person. My Goddess is a color I can only describe as “just purple”. It’s not shimmery, or particularly dark. It’s very close to my Mona 2’s purple color, so not depressingly awful…it just makes me a little sad to see it and know what it could have been.

Okay, I’m done whining. The thing is, once I use this dildo, it takes my mind off the purple in a hurry. The pronounced head, the waves of texture, the glossy-finish silicone…ESPECIALLY the glossy silicone. It’s smooth and effortless to thrust with, and the vibe hole in the base provides an unexpected bonus! The circular base isn’t the easiest for me to grasp, so I tend to just stick my middle finger into the bullet hole and thrust as crazily as I want. (It also means that I have a giant purple middle finger anytime I want it.) This finger-grip is crucial to my enjoyment– it’s so much easier to thrust. I can actually feel my vaginal muscles trying to push it out when I come, which is badass. It’s also a lovely girth to just clench around when I inevitably get tired of thrusting. It leaves me in a thoroughly exhausted puddle of post-orgasm hormones consistently.

In my opinion, the bullet hole’s best use is for thrusting. The bullet Tantus sends with the Goddess sounds like an angry bee. It literally tickles when I use it directly on my clitoris. I tossed it onto the floor with extreme prejudice and haven’t looked back. I’ve used the LELO Mia 2 in the hole a few times, but I always return to pushing in one finger and thrusting crazily. It’s the first dildo I’ve ever wanted to thrust crazily with, and I heartily recommend it. The texture is gorgeous, the width is perfect, and I can’t tell it’s not the sparkly deep purple of my dreams when I’m thrusting it as fast and deep as possible.

I bought the Tantus Goddess with my own money, but my affiliates sell it. If this review was helpful for you, please consider purchasing it at SheVibe ($49.99) or directly from Tantus ($59.99) through my links!)