Review: Womanizer Liberty

Air flow stimulators are old news to most reviewers now, but I’ve never managed to get my hands on one. They’re pricey. I got my hands on the Womanizer Liberty during a sale, and I’m pretty excited about it!

The Liberty came to me in an adorably classy blue box with a cutout showing the toy. I love the landscape aesthetic– it feels much friendlier and less pretentious than certain other companies’ packaging. (ahem LELO ahem). The interior of the box actually slides out, revealing a storage tray with the Liberty and its cap, the charging cable, extra-large silicone nozzle (side note: that word makes it sound like a hose and I hate it), plush velvet storage bag, and a manual the size of a small book. The manual has the same three pages of directions in every conceivable language, which…mostly seems like a huge waste of paper.

My Liberty is a powder blue color that reminds me of my old (lost and much-mourned) Prism V. It comes with a lid that magnetically clasps onto the body of the toy. The Womanizer site copy says this will add “mind-blowing experiences to every adventure you can imagine”. I have no idea what they mean by this. It’s a lid. It’s a pretty one that sort of resembles a disembodied, discolored duck beak when closed, but it’s…just a lid. Calm down. The magnetic charger works as long as you’re very careful and don’t let the toy roll over– if it moves, one of the charger pins will disconnect, and it will stop charging. The LED that’s supposed to tell you when it’s done charging is incredibly useless, since I normally charge it with its lid on, and the LED flashes under the silicone nozzle. (This also makes the LED flash to indicate intensity changes in use worthless. There’s no way to easily see the nozzle when it’s ON YOUR VULVA.) It’s waterproof and body-safe.

But does it work, though.

Hell yeah it does. Usually. Sorry. In four nights, my number of Liberty-induced orgasms ranged from zero to five. When it’s good, it’s good. The stimulation on the higher levels (the lower three are worthless) feels like something hammering gently on my clit. That doesn’t sound arousing, but it absolutely is. When it doesn’t work, though, it’s because my clitoris is too sensitive, and I wind up pulling it away from my vulva (or trying to find the minus button, which is on the side facing toward my stomach, in a brilliant example of why form does NOT GO BEFORE FUNCTION) and whining at the sudden lack of stimulation before fumbling for a vibrator.

This is a finicky toy, but a lot of its caveats work with the way I masturbate. You have to spread your labia and find your clitoris to apply it– I do that anyway for vibrators because my clit is buried. Also, the ‘seal’ it forms is not very strong. It will come off if you move. This doesn’t bother me, because I don’t thrust much with dildos and tend to lay there in a sad, whimpering lump when jacking off. If you thrust crazily, look elsewhere for your clitoral needs. If you, like me, are lazy, this is a great option for a unique kind of stimulation. Also, it’s just…pretty. It’s elegant and discreet. Aesthetic matters to me, and this is a huge improvement from Womanizer’s tacky first-generation designs. If you’re looking to explore airflow stimulation, this is a damn good way to do it.

You can find the Womanizer Liberty in blue, red, purple, or pink here at SheVibe. Buying through this link gives me an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you!