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Scientific Curiosity: Cyerce Symbiote

Miriam Bayne had already had a very long day. Extrasystem travel still, after all the advances in space travel even within her lifetime, sucked. There just wasn’t a good way to bend space that didn’t result in each individual atom in your body whining about it. So she’d hardly paid attention to the well-meaning tour guide welcoming her to Cyerce …

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My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Vagina

How To Fuck Up A Good Thing, by Ryn: A year ago, my blog was gaining traffic. I was getting more likes and clicks than ever. I had friends in the blogging community. Companies were finally taking me seriously. I had a backlog of things to review! It was exciting! And then the wave of responsibility crashed down over my …

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Finding My Place

I see stories all around me of sex bloggers who got their start with an electric toothbrush, the water in the bathtub faucet, a Sharpie over their underwear, when they were teenagers, and I feel like a sore thumb, sticking out from sheer inexperience and naivete. I didn’t even have a sex drive until I was nineteen. As a teen, …

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