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Review: Funkit Toys Swing

Funkit Toys is a gift to humanity. Kenton, the genius behind it, is the kind of person who makes dildo pun threads on Twitter , entire $690 silicone dildo chess sets, and candy corn butt plugs for Halloween. (Yes, I own one, obviously.) He makes beautiful, artistic body-safe dildo designs that put functionality first and foremost, and if you can’t …

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Review: Blush Noje G Slim

What the fuck, is that its starting intensity?? -Me, turning the Noje G Slim on for the first time. It’s deceptively small, unassuming, a pale sage green. When you hold down its tiny + button, however, it roars to life at a truly impressive volume. This is not ‘whisper quiet’. This little egg on a stick means BUSINESS and it …

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Review: Uberrime Spiro

Spiro and Amo stealing a smooch! After I reviewed the Amo, Marco of Uberrime offered me a choice of reviewing the Spiro or Vivo, the two other dildos in the series (‘laugh’ and ‘live’, respectively, where the Amo obviously represents ‘love’). After I finished falling off my desk chair in shock (me?? are you sure??), I asked for and received …

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