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Scientific Curiosity: Gelle’s Tongue

Miriam isn’t sure what she expected from kissing a slimegirl, but it wasn’t tingles. Not romantic-butterfly tingles, but an actual tingling sensation on her lips as the girl’s tongue swipes over them, almost polite, asking permission. Miriam’s happy to deepen the kiss, to get more of that almost-prickly feeling. The girl– Gelle, she’d introduced herself, though given that her language …

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Scientific Curiosity: Cyerce Symbiote

Miriam Bayne had already had a very long day. Extrasystem travel still, after all the advances in space travel even within her lifetime, sucked. There just wasn’t a good way to bend space that didn’t result in each individual atom in your body whining about it. So she’d hardly paid attention to the well-meaning tour guide welcoming her to Cyerce …

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