Review: Fantasy Grove Avir

I love the Fantasy Grove Avir so much I own three of them. Can that be my review? I feel like that’s a pretty big endorsement. Fantasy Grove gave me two, because they’re amazing, and then I bought another one because I fell in love SO hard. I’d have more if capitalism didn’t require me to spend money on ‘housing’ and ‘food.’

My Avirs in ascending order next to each other.

Avir is one of those toys that just looks sexy, to start with. Toys don’t have to be aesthetically appealing to be good, but well, when you have as many as I do, it sure helps. Avir is a highly stylized penis resembling a bird: the ‘beak’ is the slightly pointed head, complete with foreskin wrinkles, that then swoops out to a swelled ‘chest’ before perching to a modest base at the ‘feet.’ It has distinct wings on the sides, which I love. I’ve spent many hours speculating on why you would need a feathered dick. There’s also a full design for the character of Avir: he’s a bird-dragon called a Ziz with lovely blue and brown coloring. Personally, the full character designs don’t do much for me, but I appreciate the effort put into worldbuilding. Fantasy Grove has a short description and biography for him, as with all their creatures.

My extra-small peacock Avir.

My Avirs are extra small/firm, small/medium, and medium/supersoft. “Firm” is a rarity in fantasy shops, as it’s difficult to pull from a mold by hand. It’s about a silicone shore 10A, similar to some softer mainstream dildos. “Medium” is shore 0050, and much squishier than most dildos outside of the indie scene. “Supersoft” is shore 0020, and often used for strokers or larger toys due to the need for them to squish more. It feels like a marshmallow, and I have been tempted to eat it…a number of times higher than one. They all have a satiny finish to them– not Hodge Podge Entourage’s high-gloss glassy look, but not the super-flat matte finish of, say, Blush Novelties either. My small is the Essential coloration, and I am excited to report that it has SO MUCH shimmer. The pink-blue fade is already a strong color choice, like the pastel bi flag in my icon, but it’s absolutely packed with (safe, cosmetic-grade) mica on top of that! I love when my toys surprise me like this. The medium has hand-painted little white spots to make it resemble a strawberry finch, which I was also completely taken aback by. Fantasy Grove is the handpainting master of the indie world– they do some impressively complex work, like this Luxray Jacobi. My extra-small is a lovely color mixture named ‘peacock.’ I love its many shades of color that flow and blend in different places on the toy.

Small Avir: SO MUCH glitter!

So, okay, the extremely cool and innovative work Fantasy Grove is doing with silicone aside: this is a fabulous shape. My extra-small is too small for me, but it would be perfect for somebody newer to fantasy toys. Mind the sizing. Extra-small maxes out at 1.5 inches in diameter, which is the diameter of the average human penis. Each size steps up another half-inch in diameter, making the small 2″ and the medium 2.5″. It’s fairly common for fantasy toys to start at ‘big’ and go up to ‘humongous,’ so I don’t hold this against Fantasy Grove– it’s just something to watch out for. Always check the measurements before buying! The small is probably my favorite: it’s firm enough to feel the texture, big enough to be noticeable, and a size I can take easily, because I am powerful that way. The medium is also excellent, but because the silicone is so squishy, I can’t really thrust it. I do, however, love the firmness in general. I’m officially a supersoft convert, give me the squishy toys. My vagina registers it mostly as size, but it’s a good size, a compelling stretch that feels like it fills every square inch I have. Combined with the squishiness, it feels amazing when orgasming to clench down on it.

Because of the shape’s taper right before the base, it stays in pretty well by itself. My PC muscles are strong enough to shoot dildos right out of me, and then I have to write them off for the session because they’ve gotten cat hair on them. I am willing to do many things for science, but sticking cat hair into myself is not one of them. Therefore, I must either be thrusting the whole time in order to make using a hand on a dildo worth it, or I must have a dildo that stays by itself. As much as I love squirting, I’m also very lazy, and finding good set-it-forget-it toys, especially ones that I don’t send rocketing out like silicone missiles, is crucial to my solo sex life.

The many sides of Avir.

I was also surprised to find that the small Avir works very nicely as a vaginal plug! It isn’t designed as one, but the small is the perfect length to sit on while in a car. (Note: passenger seats only, please. Don’t fuck and drive.) It’s a little too long to wear while standing– the weight drags down my underwear. The base is butt-safe, despite how it initially looks. It stays in my vagina well enough that I’m betting it would stay put in a butt too. Note that super-squishy silicone can be harder to get past the sphincter! Not a first time butt toy– go for something smaller and in firmer materials.

All lined up with chests puffed out.

I sincerely cannot sing Avir’s praises enough. I want ten of them. I want a softer XS to see how it does as a plug, a small/soft because I can, and a medium/soft because I have a need to push the limits of what I can fit at all times. It’s just good. With a creative design, beautiful pour work, and top-tier function, my trio is one of the pride and joys of my collection. I am in love with Fantasy Grove and want to try out ALL their designs now. Go get one! Or, you know, more.

Fantasy Grove drops new inventory every two weeks! Check out in-stock Avirs here, or follow their Twitter for drop updates.

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