Review: Strange Bedfellas Joh

Alright, listen up, because I have some complicated feelings about the Strange Bedfellas Joh. Nuance? In my reviews? It’s more likely than you think. I’ve never had to use my love AND hate tags on one post before.

This is the side I think is prettier. Sadly, it’s the underside.

The Appearance: My Joh is a small size in soft firmness. I was afraid of the knot size, and I didn’t want to wind up trying to review something I couldn’t use. It’s beautifully textured, like a stylized cloud. My specific one is based off of a monarch butterfly! It’s a sparkly orange base with black drips, poured by Steve. There’s a stubby shaft flaring out abruptly to a knot before tapering and flaring into a wide base. The drips do a beautiful job of accentuating the texture. Every part of it is stylish and detailed, down to the base, as expected of Strange Bedfellas. It’s very different from my other SB toy, but I love its aesthetic just as much.

Small Joh versus Medium Yuri!

As a dildo: Since there was absolutely no way in hell the Joh would fit in my ass, I knew going in I would be using it as a short dildo. What I didn’t realize is how short it would be in action. The small Joh is just Not Enough. It does not hit ANY of the good spots and winds up being a frustrating tease. It goes in easily, despite the width of the knot (probably due to the soft silicone), but then it just…is there. Not hitting the spot. It’s deeply frustrating, and I usually wind up yanking it out and looking frantically for something longer (but not too long). I can’t thrust it either, due to the knot. On one occasion, I was so frustrated I accidentally shoved the base into my vagina, so while it is definitely anal-safe, I would watch it in soft density. BUT that gave me an idea…

The Joh standing up all by itself!

As a vaginal plug: One of my biggest kinks is being ready to go whenever, and as such, I really love the concept of vaginal plugs. I have one specifically for the purpose. The Joh is shorter and thicker than the Sensi, though, and I was curious to see how it fared. The answer is…pretty well, actually! The base is made for butts, so it’s a bit big and unwieldy, but the toy itself is super comfortable to have in while going about one’s business. It’s soft, squishy, and a huge tease. I actually find it a bit more comfortable to wear out than the Sensi! I’m not sure if it’s the larger base not irritating my labia, the shorter size, the squishier silicone, or a combination, but I’ve found myself preferring it. Given how much I hate it as a dildo, I was surprised! It’s found its way into my regular rotation.

Overall, it’s a terrible dildo, but to be fair to it, it was designed primarily as a plug, and it excels at that. It’s not as versatile as my love the Sensi, but it’s a really good vag plug. If you’re looking for one, put the Joh on your list!

Thank you, Strange Bedfellas, for sending me the Joh in return for an honest review! Free dildos never influence my opinion. I am stronger than that.

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