Review: Uberrime Dr. Manhattan

My horde of Uberrimes. From left to right: Sensi, Spiro, Amo, Dr. Manhattan, Supero.

I love Uberrime wholeheartedly. Marco, its owner and resident dildo smith, is a wonderful human and talented with silicone. I have multiple dildos from Uberrime that I use regularly. To my sorrow, the Dr. Manhattan is the first one that will not be added to my regular recommended rotation.

“Harness compatible,” my left elbow.

The trouble is the length. The Dr. Manhattan is a hefty chunk of silicone, measuring in at 8.75 inches long. Eight full inches of that are insertable, but quite frankly, my vagina is not that long. I’d estimate two to three inches of the Dr. Manhattan hang out of my vagina when it’s fully inserted. That’s enough length to pull on the rest of it, meaning I can’t just set it and forget it— I need one hand on it to keep gravity from pulling it out. I can’t pull it upward, or it gets in the way of my clit vibe, and I don’t grind on things. My clit is way too buried for that nonsense. SheVibe claims it’s harness compatible, but given the length and floppy nature of the silicone, I can’t imagine that ending well. Basically, it is, at all times, somehow in the way of my masturbatory experience. Note that I masturbate lying down on my bed, because I am nothing if not lazy. This may be alleviated by sitting up, but I’m not about to change my habits for a dildo.

It glows! Especially if you put it under a black light beforehand.

I really wanted to love this toy. The Dr. Manhattan is a clear, bright blue all over, with silver glitter swirled in, and it glows in the dark! I admire the dedication to comic book character realism, in color if perhaps not size. It has a cool, subtle, wiggly texture. It’s girthy and filling. But in the end, it’s just too long. It would be great if you want a dildo that you can grind on and simultaneously insert, or for advanced anal play (the head is 1.83” in diameter, so believe me, I mean advanced). I suspect it would also work well if you are a larger person and need the extra length to maneuver a dildo. On me, though, these virtues are lost, and I will probably find the Dr. Manhattan a new home where it can be more appreciated.

Uberrime sent me the Dr. Manhattan in exchange for my honest review. As you can see, if I don’t like a toy, I’ll tell you so!

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