Review: Doxy Ribbed Aluminum Butt Plug

The Doxy aluminum (or, as the British company says, a-lu-mi-ni-um) butt plugs are fancy. In two styles– smooth and ribbed– of solid, weighty metal, plus a cylindrical case that fits the plug perfectly (aka cat fur protectant), this one’s a treat to unpackage and hold in your hands. It’s a complete bitch to take photos of, due to the beautiful shiny polished finish. However, let’s be honest: that’s only a problem in the very niche situation of wanting to preserve your anonymity while posting photos of sex toys online. It’s 1.5″ at its widest point, meaning it’s kind of big for a first anal toy. Thankfully, I do have a set of plugs intended for first-time butt players, but I probably would have gone for the shiny metal even if I didn’t. I’m very easily swayed.

This is my first metal toy, and I was aware metal was cold, but I didn’t actually realize HOW cold relative to internal body temperature. The first time I lubed this thing up and touched it to my ass, I made possibly the most unattractive eep noise ever. Thank god I was solo. It felt like I put it in the freezer. (Aluminum is a great choice for temperature play, but please stick to cold or warm water. Do not put your sex toys in the freezer.) Despite my whining, this isn’t actually a negative. It feels great, as soon as you convince yourself it isn’t actually going to freeze your asshole off. It warms up pretty quickly, due to something something low specific heat capacity. It glides in a way my silicone plugs just don’t– I love my silicone plugs, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something very attractive about the zero-friction nature of metal.

The glide and egg shape also means it goes in smooth, with a nice long neck ending in a flared base. No worries about sucking this one into your intestines. I have the ‘ribbed’ version, and the ribs do make it a little more challenging to insert, but I don’t care. Tugging on the base and feeling that texture makes me see stars. It’s intense, unyielding, and feels sort of like a very slick ice cube. Absolutely my favorite butt toy. It is a damn shame that Doxy doesn’t make more metal toys, because I would be first in line. (Please??)

Thank you, SheVibe, for sending me the Doxy Ribbed Aluminum Butt Plug! Sadly, they no longer sell it, but you can still pick it up at Peepshow Toys (here’s the Smooth if you prefer!) Free sex toys do not influence my opinion. If it’s bad, I’ll tell you!

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