Review: Uberrime Sensi

My sexual awakening was gay erotic X-Men fanfiction.

The Sensi, freshly washed.

…I promise this is relevant to the review, okay? A pretty common theme in the depths of AO3 where I found myself was the idea of plugging a bottom to keep them “open” for their top, who was generally also their dom. In the magical realm of fanfiction, where silicone-based long-lasting lube doesn’t mess up your toys or condoms, butts can be safely plugged as long as the narrative wants. It’s safe to say it left an impression on me, with one problem…unlike virtually every character in my early porn-surfing days, I don’t have a dick. Or a prostate.

It likes to be tall.

Of course, everybody has a butt, but not everybody gets buttfucked regularly, and my vagina is right there. I wanted that fantasy, that feeling of something in me as a placeholder, but butt plugs just don’t translate to vaginas that well. Out of sheer horny desperation, I tried my Amor, the only dildo I owned at the time. With a restrained length and silicone that gave when I squeezed, I thought it would be fine. It was not fine. It poked relentlessly at my pubic bone and kept trying to fall out into my underwear. After that, I resigned myself to fantasies remaining fantasies…until Uberrime released the Sensi.

The chunk taken out of the base here is entirely the fault of my cats and not a reflection on Uberrime’s quality control.

I knew the second I saw the Sensi that I had to get my grubby hands on it. Billed specifically as a vaginal plug and cast in squishy-soft silicone, it has a small, flared base that does not make it anal safe, but is instead designed for vaginal wear. I repeat: do not put this in your butt. Put the Sentio in your butt instead. It has a wide, prominent head and round body that narrows adorably down at the very bottom before flaring back out for the base. Also, mine is sparkly ‘Kermit green’, which definitely influences my opinion. It’s combined with a pearly white, and its base is Uberrime’s signature latte-art swirl. As usual with small businesses, every Uberrime product is hand-poured, and mine won’t look exactly like yours! You’re getting a unique product from a one-man dildo machine.

The Sensi’s narrow neck both helps it stay in place and makes it a surprisingly good dildo. One of my favorite moves with this thing is slooooow in-and-out thrusting. My entrance widens and narrows with the toy, and that constant stretching sensation feels good. I did not expect this! Combined with the prominent head of the toy, which hits my G-spot well, it’s easy to lose myself. This toy is no good for the rapid-fire thrusting that squirting requires, but that’s alright– I have plenty of dildos for that. This is for lazy days, when I want to take my time. Squirting is NOT the be-all end-all of orgasms…and sometimes I want to come without dealing with a giant wet spot on my bed afterward.

Just chilling.

As far as its use as a ‘plug’ goes– it’s certainly the comfiest thing to ever enter my vagina. The base does get irritating fairly quickly. It’s angled in such a way that when the Sensi is fully inserted, the base sort of pokes into my vulva. I don’t know why it’s angled that way instead of angling away— possibly it wouldn’t stay put otherwise? The squishy silicone helps quite a lot– no pubic bone stabbing here. I definitely wouldn’t wear it out with company, or all day, but for a quick run to the grocery store? Hell yeah. With the Sensi, my highly impractical fantasy is finally possible. Thank you, Uberrime, for asking the important questions, like “why should butts have all the fun?”

I bought the Sensi with my own money, but I do work with Uberrime on account of he’s great and makes great stuff. Getting free stuff doesn’t influence my opinion.

Get the Sensi at Spectrum Boutique or SheVibe! Wanna put it in your butt? Buy the Sentio direct from Uberrime. Want to support my writing? I have a Patreon!