Review: Vibease

Oh god, it’s so pink.

This does not capture how bright it is.

I rate bright pink on the list of sex toy colors just slightly above ‘depressing eggplant purple’, which in my opinion is the worst, and below pale rosy pink because at least that flavor of IT’S FOR WIMMEN doesn’t injure my eyes. The Vibease is #FF00FF magenta. At least it’s easy to find when I inevitably lose it in my navy blanket.

In design shape, it actually reminds me a bit of the Dame Pom, though instead of being ~ergonomic~ to hold, the Vibease is meant to be wearable. The little bird-beak tucks between your labia to hit your clit, and the curved wide part rests on your pubic bone. I figured this out after some trial and error– the picture in the manual makes it look like the exact opposite. Don’t put the beak in your vagina, folks. It will not be satisfying.

…Not that it’s especially satisfying as a wearable vibrator either.

Basically, the conceit of Vibease is that you put it in your underwear, select an erotic audiobook from the app, and lie back to enjoy the ride. It sounds really easy and hands-free, which of course means it wasn’t. Maybe if my clit was more prominent I would have enjoyed it, but I generally have to really hunt for my clit with toys like the Womanizer Liberty. It’s small and buried, and the vibrations of this thing aren’t rumbly enough to make up for it. The vibes are rumbly, they’re just rechargeable-clitoral-vibrator rumbly and not, say, the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s first speed rumbly. I couldn’t ask more of the motor, but it does mean folks like me have to put more effort into using it.

Grumps about one-size-fits-all design aside, I just don’t like the audiobook feature. I didn’t try the paid audiobooks, and it’s entirely possible they’re better, but the free ones do not work for me. It turns out I only like being told what I’m doing when it’s someone I’m into already. A disembodied voice emanating from my phone is not sexy. A disembodied voice talking about how wet I am for their cock is extra not sexy. Plus, most of the content is aimed at straight, cis women. The app has a ways to go in terms of inclusivity– the only lesbian addition I’ve seen during my time using it is a ‘curious exploration’ type of story. Some of us got catapulted face-first into our sexuality and missed the curious exploration phase entirely, Vibease. There’s surprisingly little kink, too, not even 50-Shades-of-Grey bad kink nonsense. Plus, it made me pick ‘male’ or ‘female’ when signing up, which, COME ON, WHAT CENTURY IS THIS. My nonbinary ass does not appreciate having to pick the pronoun set I dislike less instead of the one I actually use.

I wound up using the Vibease as a phone-controlled clitoral vibrator for most of my testing, and I actually really like it that way. It’s small, easy for me to hold, and the little bird beak provides pinpoint stimulation, while the rounded edge provides more diffuse vibration over a larger area. It’s a strong vibrator, and I love the app control! Being able to control it with my free hand instead of hunting for the button on the tiny little surface is aces. Oddly enough, using the button controls overrides the phone connection, and you have to turn your Vibease off and reconnect it to return to app control once you press the button on the toy itself. However, the buttons are weirdly unresponsive half the time, which is irritating when you just want to turn it off post-orgasm to avoid battery drain. It’s taken me up to five presses to actually turn off the Vibease. The app’s Quick Play feature is easy to use and fairly intuitive, and unlike the rest of the app, it doesn’t make unwanted assumptions about my gender. It’s a nice, calm blue with little bubbles that spin around your finger where you tap. It’s almost enough to make me forget I’m holding a vibrator that doesn’t so much assume the user is a woman as trumpet it from the rooftops.

I have enough little grumps about the Vibease that I would hesitate to recommend it as a first toy. The wonky buttons and gendered nonsense put me off it, but it’s undeniably strong and reliable. I can’t disrecommend this toy solely on the basis that I don’t like its color and I’m grumpy that the app thinks I’m a girl, as much as my petty side wants to. I do hope Vibease takes feedback like this into account– I’ve seen some of my gripes echoed in other reviews, and a lot of it would be easy to fix! In the meantime, it’s a decently strong clit vibrator, and you should consider picking one up! Thank you, Vibease, for sending me this toy for review, and for your patience as I struggle to get reviews written and photos taken around school!

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