Review: Uberrime Spiro

A black-and-white flat-headed Amo 'kissing' a blue and green flat-headed Spiro.
Spiro and Amo stealing a smooch!

After I reviewed the Amo, Marco of Uberrime offered me a choice of reviewing the Spiro or Vivo, the two other dildos in the series (‘laugh’ and ‘live’, respectively, where the Amo obviously represents ‘love’). After I finished falling off my desk chair in shock (me?? are you sure??), I asked for and received the Spiro in SheVibe’s lovely blue-and-green coloration. It’s very calming–the vibrant hues and gentle marbling remind me of some kind of alien beach, with green sand and the kind of blue water found on idyllic tropical seas. I’d be remiss not to mention that all my communication with Marco has been great, as well! He’s double-checked with me that I affiliate with a store that carries the Spiro, just to be sure I have a chance at being paid for my time. Way to make an entity feel valued!

Writing this review was a trainwreck. My opinion of the Spiro kept shifting, mostly because I lost my bottle of lube for nearly the entire testing period and had to make do without it. I learned a lesson: lube matters. Lube matters even if you produce natural lubricant, sometimes! The first draft of this review was about how the Spiro and I just don’t get along well. The second draft was about how the Spiro is, like my beloved Amo, a specialty tool, though for very different purposes. It turns out that no.

As it turns out, the Spiro is ‘for’ quite a lot. Compared to its cousin the Amo– a straight-shafted, flat-headed dildo engineered for the G-spot and ONLY the G-spot– the Spiro is, well, a weirdo. The shaft’s bulge that narrows halfway down, the head that looks like someone took a clay ball, started smashing it flat, and then gave up, the slight ridges…it’s not the most elegant design I’ve seen, even cast in smooth, squishy silicone. I actually quite like it! It’s a quirky little shape, and it fits into the rest of my toybox, which could charitably be described as eclectic (and less charitably as the result of many impulse decisions). Plus, that inelegant shape is surprisingly effective!

I’ve used the Spiro for a lot of different things. It’s a great dildo for decentering orgasm as ‘the goal’ of sex or masturbation, which is most of what I’ve used it for personally. The bulge in the middle lends itself well to sliding the toy slowly in and out, feeling your muscles contract and expand around it. It stimulates my entrance and walls, something most dildos in my collection don’t due to their targeted nature. Masturbation for me is generally a hurried affair, and I tend to judge dildos on their ability to get me off quickly and reliably– the Spiro has taught me that there’s a little more to it than that.

That being said, once I added lube and could move the Spiro more effectively, I discovered that it’s just as effective as the Amo at getting me to squirt. That squished-flat head strokes my g-spot, and combined with the sped-up sensation of that bulge sliding in and out, orgasm becomes a foregone conclusion. It stopped being ‘just’ a warmup toy and became a staple in my sessions. Its versatility surprised me! I was expecting its odd shape to be a specialty tool, just like the Amo, but as it turns out, it’s pretty good at just about anything, and it taught me a few things about how I like my dildos.

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