Review: Uberrime Amo

I’m spoiled. This dildo has spoiled me. It’s blown almost everything else out of the water. The Uberrime Amo is what I always finish with these days. I can’t sing its praises anywhere near enough.

I won the Amo in a giveaway, and I spent a while just admiring it when I opened it (yes, I know I always say that. Pretty aesthetic is kind of the door policy, all right?). I was sent the black and white coloration, and it’s…awesome. The heart-shaped head is entirely black, bleeding gradually into white, with a swirl of the two at the base. The sleek lines and color marbling are downright sexy. Also, there’s a sprinkling of beautiful dark red glitter present in the head! I didn’t expect that, but it’s a pretty cool extra.

Okay, it’s a beautiful, elegant shape and coloration. BUT it also feels fantastic. The heart pops a bit going in– that sounds more extreme than it is. The flexibility of the silicone helps get it through,, and then it hooks behind the pubic bone and stays there, freeing me from the “oh god I got overexcited and it went flying out” inevitability. Once it’s there, all I have to do is thrust. The smooth shaft glides easily (especially with a little lube), and the flat head strokes my G-spot effortlessly. Compared to the Goddess, the Alraune, or even my Mona, it feels unfairly easy. Just insert, thrust, and squirt. This is also the toy that makes me squirt most reliably– it’s kind of a problem. My family’s going to get suspicious about how often I wash my sheets if this keeps up. But I can’t really complain about it, all things considered. What am I supposed to say? “The Amo gives me TOO MUCH pleasure, dial it back, please”??

Nah. It’s gorgeous, effortless, and definitely my current favorite dildo. Definitely take one home for yourself if you’re at all into g-spot stimulation!

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