Review: Alraune (EX)

My Alraune, standing proudly.

I bought the HodgePodgeEntourage Alraune on a whim. I saw it showcased on the creator’s Twitter and immediately had to know how it felt. It’s one of the better decisions I’ve made.

The HodgePodgeEntourage Alraune is a squishy-soft dildo with a gently undulating shaft and knobbly little bumps on its textured head. When I received it, I spent ten solid minutes marveling at the color (a wonderful, shiny blue fade called ‘gummy glacier marble’ on the product listing) and squishing it. It can FOLD IN HALF! Entertainment value should always be why you buy dildos, riiiiight? The texture on the head is a light ridge (think Worf from Star Trek’s head) and feels wonderful to rub over with a finger (though it can’t be felt in use, to my disappointment). Not to mention the bumps on either side. It’s like a stress ball.

Uh, and I guess you can put it in your vagina or something. You know, if you bought it for non-stress ball reasons. (It’s also recommended for external use, but sadly, I can’t get any stimulation from the squishy bumps and slight texture.)

The soft silicone it’s cast in, while essential to make the bumps pliable, makes the tip REALLY DIFFICULT to insert. Do not be fooled by the modest dimensions of the tip– if you don’t work yourself up or use another toy/fingers, it’s like wrestling with your vaginal opening. Once in, the second ‘bump’ in the S tries its best to work its way back out (according to the creator, the curves are less extreme in the finalized version!). One hand must apply pressure to the dildo’s base to keep it in.

But it’s super worth it, okay.

The base (a darker blue flower shape) is beautiful and pairs perfectly with my Mona 2. Pushed in all the way, it lets me use my apparently-below-average vagina-clitoris gap to my advantage for once. It presses Mona into my clit with more pressure and precision than I can achieve on my own, which just straight-up makes my orgasms better. Instead of hogging vulva space with no payoff, it works to the user’s advantage. It taught me that I like pressure. A lot. This by itself would be enough to warrant wrestling with it to assert dominance insert it, but far more important is the fact that I squirted for the first time ever with this dildo.

That sounds absurd. Most G-spot dildos have a firm, pronounced head. The heads tend to be hooked and angled upward. Most importantly, these dildos are generally made of very hard material– wood, stainless steel, matte (“grabbier”) silicone. The Alraune is nearly as soft as silicone can get, and decidedly not G-spot shaped. And yet, as I lay there, post-clitoral orgasm, gently pushing it in and letting it slide out, I wanted more. I grasped the base and thrust faster and faster, feeling the textured head rub against me, and quickly became lost in a haze, my only goal to go as fast as I could. When the feeling got overwhelming, the Alraune was physically pushed out of my vagina, and liquid gushed out and onto the bedsheets with it. I was dazed for a moment before I realized what had happened, and then I was happy and sleepy for the rest of the day. I haven’t been able to repeat this– though I HAVE squirted with other dildos– but the Alraune remains my first.

Something about the Alraune– the squish, the knobbly bumps, the curves– works for me. The Alraune showed me that there was more to penetration than just general pleasure from having something to clench around. The unique combination of textures present on it works. Its base is a floppy, magically easy-to-grasp bunch of leaves. It taught me a lot about what my body enjoys. And, as a bonus, it’s a beautiful piece of artwork. I never get tired of staring at it. You can’t leave it out on the coffee table– it’s definitely a dildo– but it’s SO PRETTY. There’s thought and love behind its design and coloration. HPE does beautiful, unique pours, and I kind of want to own everything they make ever. Especially if their other models are this awesome. Go follow them on Twitter and keep an eye out for their next inventory drop, or get a custom order! If you ask very nicely, they might make you an Alraune custom…

I’m not affiliated with HodgePodgeEnt, their stuff is just awesome. If my reviews are helpful to you, please consider signing up for my Patreon so I can do more indie toy reviews!