I Am So Extremely New To This

My name is Timid, and I want to review sex toys. Hopefully in a way that will be useful to people reading this blog. I swear I’m not completely new to writing–if nothing else, reading my reviews shouldn’t give the English majors out there a headache. I’m familiar with the basics of how to describe sensations, and to be honest, I already think about sex toy pros and cons while masturbating. My brain doesn’t know how to shut up, so I may as well channel that into a productive hobby!

In lieu of an actual introduction page (it’s on my very long ‘figure out how to wordpress’ to-do list): I’m college-age, bisexual, and entirely too kinky for my own good. I’m proud to say I’ve never stuck anything made of jelly inside me, though my first sex toy was a buzzy cheap vibrator from Spencer’s. At least it was plastic. (It was also the worst noncommittal “not pink but not purple” color I’ve ever seen, and I’m very glad I lost it when I moved out of my dorm.)

This site is still under construction while I get set up and wrangle WordPress into cooperation! Thanks for your patience, and I hope to make this blog a good resource for those looking into sex toys.